OLEFA is a software and an educational concept invented and created by Jos Kirps in 2000/2001.

It has been licensed to Ka communications in early 2001 and to EducDesign in late 2002. Today OLEFA is mostly used in the education market. It has become one of the most popular software projects ever from Luxembourg, used by 38 cities with more than 14,000 registered students and teachers, more than 100,000 published pages and over 190,000 books managed in about 100 school and public libraries.

What's OLEFA?

OLEFA is a project created by Jos Kirps in 2000/2001. It mainly consists of the following: 

  • the OLEFA product identity (the name "OLEFA", the related logo and the domain olefa.com),
  • the OLEFA CMS (Content Management System) as well as the website render engine, parser & commands (OLEFAscript),
  • a 4-layer user logic (guest/user/admin/superuser aka "g-u-a-s") & user/group management tools,
  • a 3-layer (open/group/custom) or 4-layer (open/user/group/custom) wiki/collaboration logic,
  • a database display engine & administration tools (OLEFAbase), including the library management
  • the "OLEFA Resources Manager" which allows to manage files and directories within the /resources directory
  • the "OLEFA Education Manifest"
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