OLEFA Concept & Philosophy

Global concept (2000)

Jos Kirps originally created OLEFA as a pure CMS for his own web projects in late 2000. Below you can see the basic design concepts, as implemented in 2000-2001. Most of these design goals were basically reached in mid 2001. 

  • a Content Management System (CMS) that easily allows to create and maintain websites
  • template and script based web page generation (OLEFAscript)
  • a powerful file manager and organized file structures on the server
  • fully automated backup features for all kinds of files
  • database management and applications: forums, guestbooks, news, ...
  • web based and completely platform independent, requiring only a minimum of JavaScript
  • reduce the costs of complex websites and reduce the required maintenance time
  • networking features, allow several OLEFA installations to communicate with each other

Concepts for education (2001)

In early 2001, Jos Kirps started started to add further concepts that optimized OLEFA for the education market. Most of the related code was programmed in early and mid 2001, including the library management and the wiki. One of the ideas that were only realized much later was the OLEFA fileserver, which Jos programmed in 2003. 

  • meaningful use of computers in school, the computer as a production tool
  • students and teachers become active contributors, can make instant changes to web pages
  • the school website as a work and publishing platform, optimized for group work, teamwork and data sharing
  • focusing on the content instead by reducing technical challenges
  • build and expand knowledge, publish your knowledge and keep it online
  • user management and access control featuring a superuser, administrators and simple users
  • wiki, featuring multi-user document sharing, many users may edit a single page at the same time
  • integrated web based library management system, the library as center of the school
  • fully automated fileserver (only released in 2003)
  • a powerful intranet platform for schools

Concepts & ideas by Jos Kirps from 2002-2008, when working at EducDesign

The most important ideas created by Jos are listed here - including the location where the global concept of the respective modules had been worked out: 

  • OLEFA Webbook - create, edit and publish web based online books (Arlon - Belgium)
  • OLEFA Storyboard - create, edit and publish web based cartoon-like stories (Esch/Alzette)
  • AFELO - an easy to use image compression and uploading client application for Windows, MacOS X and Linux (Java) (Ehlerange)
  • OLEFA Sound Recorder - record and upload sound directly on a website (Java applet) (Ehlerange)
  • OLEFA Painter - draw and paint images on a website (Java applet) (Ehlerange)
  • OLEFAdesk - one of the first WebOS implementations (2005) including applications (Ehlerange)
  • OLEFA EiS - a suite of applications for companies, has been discontinued in 2007 or so... (Ehlerange)
  • OLEFA NG - a next generation version of OLEFA which was never realized... (ideas not directly related to the original project – Ehlerange, Belgium, Netherlands)
  • OLEFAschool - a community platform that allows to create and share online courses (Ehlerange)
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