OLEFA Education Manifesto (2001)

Basic version

  1. Each teacher should be able to help building and maintaining the school website. Updating and editing the school website shouldn't be limited to a small group of so called "experts". This idea was easy to implement as the OLEFA CMS already existed at this point of time.
  2. All students, classes, teams and groups of students and/or teachers should be able to publish their own works on the web (no matter if they're on the school campus or at home) and to use technology to build, to extend and to share their knowledge. This idea lead to the OLEFA Wiki.
  3. The school library is knowledge center. All students and teachers should always have access to the library, searching and managing the library should be possible within the network. This idea lead to the OLEFAbase technology and the library management.
  4. Images, texts and other documents or media should be managed in a single place and all students and teachers should always be able to access and reuse them. This idea lead to concepts such as the OLEFA Resources Manager, the Wiki and the Fileserver.

In the end this all means that the school website should become a dynamic work platform that can be used and expanded by all students and teachers.

OLEFA Education Manifest ©2001-2016 Jos Kirps

Addendum (2002)

Over the years many more aspects were added to the basic concept, but the addendum released in mid 2002 already contained all important core elements: 

  1. Meaningful use of computers in school, the computer as a production tool
  2. Students and teachers become active contributors, can make instant changes to web pages
  3. The school website as a work and publishing platform, optimized for group work, teamwork and data sharing
  4. Focusing on the content by reducing technical challenges
  5. Build and expand knowledge, publish your knowledge and keep it online
  6. User management and access control featuring a superuser, administrators and simple users
  7. Wiki, featuring multi-user document sharing, many users may edit a single page at the same time
  8. Integrated web based library management system, the library as center of the school
  9. Fully automated fileserver (only released in 2003)
  10. A powerful intranet platform for schools

Some documentation and promotional materials released by EducDesign were directly based on the Education Manifest and/or on the Addendum.

OLEFA Education Manifest - Addendum ©2002-2016 Jos Kirps

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