OLEFA History

A short history of OLEFA -- by Jos Kirps

I started OLEFA as a simple Content Management System (CMS) in 2000. The original focus of OLEFA was not the education market, it powered various other sites before it was first used on a school website. I first licensed OLEFA to a small marketing agency called Ka communications (non-exclusive verbal license). I used OLEFA for my own web projects while Kacom used it for small business sites (they are still using OLEFA today btw). 

In 2001 I developed a philosophy that described new ways to use technology in schools, using the school website as a work and publishing platform and using wiki technology to allow group work, sharing and collaboration. The Ministry of Education in Luxembourg was not interested in my work, so I finally decided to do everything on my own and to integrate the required features into OLEFA. In mid 2001 I added various new features such as the wiki and the web based database & library management system to the OLEFA software. OLEFA was then finally installed on a first school website, that was www.roeserschool.lu (elementary school of Roeser, where I was working as a teacher back then). I also set up the OLEFA library management software for this school. 

The OLEFA powered wiki and the new library management feature became quite popular. In mid 2002 Pino Fiermonte and Frank Trierweiler asked me to join them and to found the EducDesign company. From 2002-2008 OLEFA has then distributed by EducDesign under a verbal license agreement (sub-licensed to Ka) and the company also promoted the OLEFA philosophy. During the following years I added more and more features to the OLEFA software, which became the currently known "derivate" and the market leader in Luxembourg's education

I developed all major ideas and concepts for the OLEFA software and also created most marketing concepts, including all the official promo stuff available on www.olefa.com (which is no longer available as far as I can see). I also did all the programming on my own until additional developers were employed in 2004/2005 (OLEFA is written in Perl and runs on Linux servers. AFELO, the OLEFA sound recorder and the OLEFA painter are JAVA apps/applets). 

In August 2008 I left EducDesign, which is still distributing OLEFA although there currently is no official license agreement. 

I'm now working on a next generation educational platform called Morzino.com/oli.lu, as well as on futher platforms such as Jamplifier.com, Galaxiki.org and Joopita.com. OLEFA's just another piece of IP now. You may read about my latest projects on my website www.kirps.com

Early Years (2000-2001)

I started developing OLEFA in late 2000. In early 2001 I published the first OLEFA websites and licensed OLEFA to Ka communications. In mid 2001 I created the OLEFA Education Manifest and developed the first OLEFA school website. OLEFA quickly gained a lot of attention as a modern educational platform in Luxembourg.

EducDesign (2002-2008)

In late 2002 I was one of the founders of local company EducDesign. OLEFA has since been distributed by EducDesign under a verbal licensing agreement. As a member of EducDesign I designed further modules such as the OLEFA Fileserver, the Webbook, the Storyboard, the Sound Recorder and AFELO.

Exit (2008)

In mid 2008 I left EducDesign and started to work on new projects.

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