OLEFA from 2008 - 2016

OLEFA 9 (2009)

OLEFA 9 was the first release to make use of mod_perl, which resultet in a big speed bump for the software. The library management offered MARC/USBD support as well as Z39.50 and Amazon gateway enhancements. 

OLEFA 10 - 13 (2010-2013)

OLEFA 10 has been released in 2010, it added more Ajax stuff to the collaboration tools as well as some more minor features. OLEFA 11 has been released in 2011, I think it only offers an updated wiki. Table elements seems to have been killed. OLEFA 12 has been released in 2012, it offers a chat feature and a new database engine. It also looks like OLEFAdesk has finally been killed. EducDesign also started to create "new" OLEFA modules, but it looks like these are in fact only existing open source projects they're implanting, such as the OLEFA Timeline (which is in fact TimelineJS - see timeline.verite.co).

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